We try to offer a variety of ministries to the congregation based off their talents and passions. Below is a list of those ministries. Email us at if you would like to get involved. 

  • Coffee and Doughnuts

    Coffee and Doughnuts is one of the many hospitality ministries that Mount Berry Church offers to the Berry Community. Throughout the semester the Coffee and Doughnuts team will randomly show up at a dorm, academic building, or student center to give away free doughnuts and coffee. 

  • Giving Project

    The giving project is a monthly endeavour the church commits to raising money for a non-profit organization. The organizations are chosen by our talented student-staff based off their passions. The money is collected at the end of the month and is immediatley sent off the organizations. 

  • life Together Events

    The life together events are designed to bring together the Mount Berry Church congregation together outside of Sunday nights. The events range from cookouts, Thanksgiving dinner, brunch, Christmas wrapping, and other things. 

  • Service Oppourtunities

    As a church we strongly believe in serving others and the community around us, so we do our part in offering opportunities for the Mount Berry Church congregation. We do an array of service projectsnot only on the berry College campus but also in the Rome community.