Mount Berry Church was established on February 22, 1912. In 2012, we celebrated our Centennial Anniversary. This special year commemorated 100 years of worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and service shared by those who part of the Berry community. Martha Berry wanted her schools to be a place where worthy students could live, learn, work, and worship. After gathering throughout the first 10 years of the school in various places, such as the Roosevelt Cabin, the Hoge building, and Barnwell Chapel, the Mount Berry Church began to hold worship services in the newly built College Chapel in 1916. Martha Berry herself worshiped at Mount Berry Church for the remainder of her life, usually seated on the front row of the balcony. She was a deeply committed and practical Christian woman. The church she helped to establish stands as a lasting tribute to the values and faith she aimed to inspire. Mount Berry Church is the college church home for any and all Berry students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Therefore, all are welcome. We hope you will come and worship with us this year, and join your voice to the hundreds of other voices that have worshiped as part of Mount Berry Church for the last 100 years.